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I’ve done a (totally non-scientific and non-representative) survey among my friends and acquaintances, and come up with a list of challenges that we expat partners in China seem to have in common.

Moving to another city is hard. Moving to another country is harder. But moving across the world for somebody else’s agenda is a whole different ball game altogether. Here’s how I did that, and how I am now helping others do the same.

I’m now a China Expat Spouse 2.0. Check this interview to know what that means and why you should care.

To learn more about how to navigate throughout the content in my blog, please check this video.

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I normally never write a recommendation but Julie has totally earned it. What to expect from a coaching? and who needs that anyway? well, I didn’t know either, but after 8hours coaching with Julie I see a before and after. I am not a different person but I do look thing now from a different perspective and approach which helped me move forward. She could, in no time, put her self in my position, understand my needs and set a clear goal. She is easy to talk to, friendly and with tons of energy which she will transfer to you in every session. I am very thankful for her engagement and the interest she showed in trying to find ways to help me and for the fun we had in hour meetings. Thanks Julie!

Eduardo S.


I’ve worked with Julie for the past year. She’s helped me grow in so many ways – by asking me tough questions when I needed clarity, uncovering my unhelpful thought patterns when I was stuck in lack thinking and cheering me on when I didn’t think I was making progress. With her help, I’ve taken consistent steps in growing my business, even with the fear of failure and other negative beliefs cropping up.

Agatha B.


Julie has all the attributes of a great coach: empathetic, a good listener and confronting when necessary. She makes you accountable for following the plan established during the coaching session, making sure that the next step to take is doable. Julie helped me a lot during the sessions with developing my business practice by asking powerful questions and by being there for me. Thank you!

Claudia U.


I love being coached by Julie, and seeing the progress she’s helped me create.
Julie’s coaching style is a wonderful balance of true empathy and understanding with forward moving momentum! I can see that she completely believes in me as a client, and wants to help get the best out of me – it’s rare to feel like someone is truly in your corner and Julie is definitely in her clients’ corner.

Rachel W.


Julie ist ein sehr kompetenter und lieber Coach. Die Zeit mit ihr hat Spaß gemacht und ich finde wir haben sie optimal genutzt. Julie ist immer auf persönliche Fragen und auch Überlegungen eingegangen und hat versucht bestmöglich zu unterstützen. Vielen Dank Julie für deine Starthilfe hier in China und die tollen Tips.

Julia F.


I have never tried a coaching before, and actually my expectations were quite low before starting. After a coaching program with Julie, I can only say it was amazing. Julie listens to you, is positive and emphathic and knows perfectly how to guide you through the process, making it a complete success.

Maria C.


Mrs Marx’s performance, empathy and the amazing ability to help yourself find your own answers to his questions was simply remarkable. It has helped me very much to get through the process of sending and to find my way. To pursue further goals and to find contacts for the future. Many thanks!

Lisa G.